Este Ese Aquel Worksheet

Este Ese Aquel Worksheet. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Write the appropriate demonstrative adjective for each word.


(1) este libro me lo voy a llevar a casa. Demonstratives are words that indicate the distance between the speaker and something or someone else. Choose the correct demonstrative adjective or demonstrative pronoun.

Start Studying Este, Ese, Aquel Practice.

Die demonstrativpronomen können außerdem das substantiv auch ersetzen: Help your young spanish language learners understand the difference between este, ese, and aquel. This worksheets pack can be used with any level of spanish.

(2) ¡Deja Ese Balón Tranquilo!

Este, ese, aquel aquí ahí allí/allá masculino este ese aquel femenino esta esa aquella masculino plural estos esos aquellos femenino plural estas esas aquellas 1. The adjetivo demostrativo is used to modify a noun so that we know exactly which one is being referred to. Ese libro es mío, pero.

Aquel That One Over There.

Estas revistas son mías, pero. Students will do a variety of exercises on these worksheets ranging from basic understanding of the meaning and concept of demonstratives to matching, translating to english. (schau, der mann dort drüben hat rosa haare.) en este momento no puedo ayudarte.

Ese Toro Esos Ojos Esos Carros Esa Oveja Esas.

Ejercicios sobre los demostrativos del español y de la lengua española. Español como lengua extranjera (ele) curso/nivel: Help your kids understand the meaning of each vocabulary word with this learning exercise and the small illustrations given.

Unlike English, Spanish Has Three Sets Of Demonstrative Adjectives, Which Agree In Gender And Number With The Noun They Modify, Therefore There Are 12 Demonstrative Adjectives In Total.

Remember that in spanish, adjectives have four forms: (3) niño, ve corriendo y me traes aquel aquel sombrero que se ha dejado allí el señor. Fill in the blank with the appropriate demonstrative adjective: