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Number The Stars Worksheet Answers. The contracting cloud is then called a protostar. During an enemy occupation, the enemy a gives everyone a job.

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Foreshadowing occurs when the author gives the reader a hint of And ten—the age of annemarie in number the stars, and the approximate age of most of the book's readers—is an age when young people are beginning to develop a strong set of personal ethics. A nebula is a large cloud of gas and dust.

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A protostar is the earliest stage of a star's life. _____ date:_____ 15 reproducible student worksheet student’s page chapter 3 7. Use these four tests/quizzes to assess your students’ understanding of lois lowry’s number the stars:quiz 1:

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Why were annemarie, ellen, and kirsti stopped by the soldiers? Sample a to act reluctantly means to act a unwillingly. Star life cycle worksheet draw a line between the correct definition for each type of star or scientific term from the options below.

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“kirsti dawdled just behind them or scampered ahead, never out of their sight.” (pg. If the information is available, write about the events in lois lowry’s life which helped her decide to become an author. They want to do the right thing.

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Look for hints in the. And they are beginning to realize that the world they live in is Number the stars reading comprehension worksheets.

During An Enemy Occupation, The Enemy A Gives Everyone A Job.

Book study c number the stars discussion questions find the section of the book that answers these questions. A nebula is a large cloud of gas and dust. The kids and you will enjoy taking a break with this word search puzzle based on the book by lois lowry, number the stars.